13 Ways to cool a home without air conditioner

13 Ways to cool a home without air conditioner

When the outside air temperature rises, the heat is multiplied inside the house. The warm weather at home can be exhausting and equal to Sleep deprivation. An appropriate air conditioning system, such as gas or water coolers, seems to be the answer to this problem.

But you may want to turn it on at midnight, but it does not work when you press the power key. May have any reason. Do not find someone to ac repair it in the night. This will make us look for quick and cheap solutions. Fortunately, there are several ways to cool a home without a cooler, which can be done in a matter of hours and, of course, very cheap, and make your home more enjoyable.

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1- Cover the windows throughout the day

 Cover the windows throughout the day

To control the temperature inside the house, the best and first step is prevent the entry of high-energy radiation into the sun. In order to cool the house without a cooler, the rooms without windows or rooms with small windows are very ideal. But do not need to change the structure of the windows!

Just install the appropriate Curtain to limit the entrance of heat and sunlight to the room at peak times.


2- Open the windows at night

After sunset, the air temperature is lowered outside of air temperature inside house. At this time, you must remove the window coverings and open windows as far as possible to balance the temperature inside and outside the house. Opening the windows is good, but if you can Circulating air into it, will be better

If you have two windows (preferably in front of each other), open both windows so that the outside air circulates with more pressure at home.

3- sleep at low altitude

sleep at low altitude

Sleeping in heat is almost impossible. Since heat tends to go up, sleeping at low altitude can help you feel cool.

Place your mattress on a low ground. Also have a cool water bottle or cool gel until have more cool feelings. Preferably sleep with a bedsheet.


4- Use a ceiling fan

Use a ceiling fan

If you use ceiling fans at home, know that you are a smart energy user. These fans are contrary direction clock in the winter in the, and Hot air gets from top to the floor.

This is precisely what we are escaping of it in the summer. So go on a chair and use the fan key to Change direction of rotation air.

5- Close the room without use

Rooms that are without use at home will waste your whole effort to cool the house. By closing and covering the entrance of these doors, as well as closing the W.C door, help the house further.

If there is a window in these rooms, cover those windows as well.

6- Turn off heat lamps

Turn off heat lamps

The use of heat lamps creates high light with high temperature. So if you have heat lamps in this house, replace them and use LED lamps instead. The heat lamps to some extent are so harmful to the environment that they are banned in the United States.

Also, remove the Home Appliances with High consumption, from the power outlet. Televisions, flatiron, chargers, etc., even when they are not clear, generate a lot of heat.


7- Use the fan

Use the fan

Placing a fan in the flow of air can help cooling the house without a cooler. A simple but clever technique is to slightly wet the curtains of the house or put a damp cloth on the windmill the fan.

I suggest you use a fan to build a cooler and use this method as an innovative way to cool your home without a cooler.

8- Keep the space dark

All of us have acquaintance a pleasant feeling of escaping from the heat and sunlight and getting sheltered into a cool and shady room. Use the dark and thick curtains to create this feeling.

Dark colors can absorb light and heat and thus keep your room cool.

9- Use the bathroom

Use the bathroom

If you have a window in your bathroom, wet the floor of the bathroom and then open the window so that the air cools down in contact with the floor and enters the house.


10- Keep leafy plants at home

The effect of leafy plants in the home is amazing. If you have flowers or plants, place them near the window.


These apartment plants absorb more heat and act like a natural cooling. Have you gone to the park in the summer? You’ve got it right. that’s the reason


11- Do not open or close the refrigerator door!

In the summer, your need for more water and cool foods increases. But with every opening and closing of the refrigerator door, the load and engine temperature rise and there is no except result but warming the environment for you.

You can have a coleman at home so that you do not have to go straight to the refrigerator to get cool water.

12- Reduce moisture

Breathing in the air with high humidity is hard. Sense and feel in the humidity cities. Gas coolers, in addition to the cool air inside the house, also reduce the humidity of the air.

You can also reduce the ambient temperature by lowering the humidity. Use home humidifying devices at home. High-quality devices can reduce moisture by up to 70 percent.

13- Yarn is your friend!

Yarn is your friend!

Summer is not a good time to wear a suit or satin and silk. Also, leather home appliances. Like leather furniture.


Have at least one sofa and bed yarn cover and in the summer, sit and get up.


The last word

We hope these tips will help you fit for the summer of Houston, and have a cool summer without Consumable appliances.

Note that these are temporary points. Be sure to repair your air conditioner at the earliest opportunity and contact an air conditioner repair service in Houston.

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