Choose the AC to suit your home environment

Select a AC is very important to the available space. Because it’s usually not possible to replace the AC after installation, and the replacement of the AC before installation is also costly and difficult, so it’s best to choose the suitable AC with the information below. You can also use the information and tips of the experts of Houston Commodity.

Air conditioner : The air conditioner is a device that has a similar function to the refrigerator. The compressor converts the special gas system into a liquid, and the compressed gas goes to the radiator plates and this turned into gas again by receiving the heat of the compressed gas atmosphere. This process will continue until the ambient temperature reaches the desired level. During this operation, the compressor should have time for rest.

If this time is not given to the compressor, it may cause damage to the machine. So for this reason, we can not install any AC in our space. In principle, AC should be selected and installed, which can be obtained by the engine, depending on the space. So for choosing a AC, space is determinant, not our choice.

The AC coolant value is determined by BTU standard. The BTU is higher in terms of the amount of cooling per unit time (The wind temperature is not colder of the AC, rather the cold is higher entering the environment).

The AC are mainly made in two types. Some models are also portable.


. Some models are also portable.

The shapes of these coolers are the space required in the window, and if this space does not exist, its installation has more problems. In addition, window models have limited power and less variety. Other forms of sound are high in comparison to the split models. Although the window models are relatively cheap, their appearance is not comparable to the Split models.

Split models consist of two sections of the inner panel and the unit (unit) of the outer. The outer unit consists of a compressor and a control unit and the internal unit consists of the radiator plates, the control system and the respective fan. Split gas air conditioner models are usually made in models and designs with more varied capacities. Some AC Split models have two compressors and can be connected to multiple panels. The Split models have a lower operating noise, but due to the fact that the outdoor unit is located outside the building, there may be restrictions on the installation.


Determining a specific amount of cooling for a space may not be very accurate because of the space available, the number of thermal devices in space, exposure to sunlight, the height of the wall to the ceiling, and many other things involved, but based on in hot weather conditions like Houston, if your location is hot, sultry, and sunny, and large windows, or if you choose AC for the kitchen, you should have the choose AC with power higher.

AC selection for home space

  1. AC selection for a room: For a 36-square-meter room with dimensions of 6 * 6 meters, approximately 6,000 to 10,000 BTUs are needed.


  1. AC selection for multi room space: For a space of about 70 m, a cooling of 10,000 to 16,000 BTUs is required.


  1. AC selection for large spaces: The amount of cooling required for spaces larger than 75 square meters and up to approximately 185 square meters is approximately 16,000 to 28,000 BTUs.

Note: Declared values for a room with ideal conditions, will be added to the stated value by another value, which is written below.


  • 4000 BTU = For any room that is located under the ceiling (floor of the building) or on the floor (1st floor of the building)
  • 4000 BTU = For each room located adjacent to the kitchen
  • 1500 BTU = For each window exposed to sunlight
  • 1500 BTU = For rooms under which there is a kitchen or a heating system
  • 600 BTU = The amount of each person in the room

Note “ If the room is placed in the shade of the building without sunblock, you can reduce 1000 BTU


The following table is based on more precise spaces:

((((WARNING : If you do not read the full contents of this section, you will not be able to identify the air conditioner for your space.))))

Choose the AC to suit your home environment



  • A room of 9 to 17 square meters – 6,000 to 7500 BTU
  • A room of 17 to 25 square meters – 7500 to 9000 BTU
  • A room of 25 to 37 square meters – 9,000 to 10500 BTU
  • Multi room to 37 square meters – 10500 to 12,000 BTU
  • Multi room 37 to 46 meters – 12,000 to 13500 BTU
  • Multi room 46 to 65 square meters – 13500 to 15000 BTU
  • Multi room 65 to 75 square meters – 15,000 to 16500 BTU
  • Large space up to 84 square meters – 16500 to 18000 BTU
  • Large space 84 to 92 square meters -18000 to 19500 BTU
  • Large space of 92 to 102 square meters – 19500 to 21000 BTU
  • Large space 102 to 111 square meters – 12,000 to 22,500 BTU
  • Large space of 111 to 140 square meters – 22,500 to 24,000 BTU
  • Large space of 140 meters to 158 square meters – 24,000 to 25,500 BTU
  • Large space of 157 to 177 square meters – 25500 to 27000 BTU
  • Large space 177 to 205 square meters – 27,000 to 28,500 BTU

To the above values, the conditions described above will be added

The gas cooler should not be much higher than the specified capacity. Except for the device to be used in places with dry weather. Cooling is also a AC environment for reducing moisture content. If the excess capacity is exceeded, the space will reach the desired temperature before the humidity decreases and the AC will turn off.


How much cooling capacity is required per square meter of building?


How much cooling capacity is required per square meter of building?

Every 1,200 BTU can cool about 46 m, but it is in perfectly perfect condition and insulated. But the parameters that affect the cooling rate of the environment should also be taken into account.

  • Where is the building located – North America, Houston, or South America?
  • How much light does the sunlight shine into the building?
  • What is the color and body shape of the building on the part where the sun shines?
  • Building insulation
  • Number of people using space
  • What kind of thermal insulation is in the building?
  • How high is the roof?
  • What is the shape of the rooms in order to rotate the air?

If there are two chimneys in the room that can be connected to each other by connecting the external unit, it can be used to connect the multi-cooler compressor. For example, for three 15-meter rooms, each requiring 12,000 BTUs, you can buy a unit of 36,000 BTU and three 12,000 BTUs for the target.

Large spaces such as conference halls, etc. should be AC by multiple panels. Given the number of people in the hall, panels should be installed at appropriate intervals. For example, one or more 48000 air conditioners can be used with several panels.

In large areas that are associated with the installation of multiple panels, it usually comes with stand AC. The units of these AC are placed outdoors and the connections are connected to the indoor unit. Stand AC does not require installation of a wall and the unit is placed on the floor. The throat of these AC is higher. Standing models are essentially Split AC, the inside of which is a stand inside instead of a wall panel. Usually these coolers can be between 48,000 and 80,000 BTU.

The portable gas cooler is another type of AC that has a similar AC window function, except that the AC is fully inserted into the room. A hot air outlet pipe will also be connected to the outside of the device (almost like a gas heater). The limitation of this kind of AC is the amount of chilling. Usually, this AC does not have much power due to the position of the compressor inside the unit and is only suitable for small spaces.


Note that cooling down a whole home is costly. An AC with a power of 27000 or more is better to connect a power cord from the meter fuse to the external unit. This will prevent the flow and warming up of the home power cord. Meanwhile, in the home use, due to the power limitations set, it is not possible to use a large number of simultaneous AC, and excessive use will result in the fuse being cut off. So, it’s best to just place AC parts at home, such as an AC in the hall.

The degree of AC  is about 18 ° C to 30 ° C. Determining the temperature at 18 ° C means to keep the device current and the costly power of the electricity will be try. In the warm seasons, do not turn the room into a fridge. Set the temperature to about 25 to 27 degrees optimal. Due to the high efficiency of the AC, if the correct AC is selected and the temperature is set to the optimal level, the difference in cost of electricity will not be high.


All AC are only cold or hot and cold. Cool models work only in hot weather, but the AC heater can also be used in cold weather. Of course, if it is possible to use a radio or gas heater, it’s not advisable to use an AC heater with regard to its power consumption. However, it can be used in a very cold weather so that other heaters can not heat the environment. It can be very useful.


We hope the contents of this section will help you to buy the best option.



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