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Gas coolers or splitters are used to cool refrigerant gases such as R22-R410A-R407A . The role of the refrigerant gas cooler in the operation of the machine is very important in such a way that the shortage or absence of these systems disrupts the entire refrigeration cycle and presents a serious problem.  Figure 1 shows several examples of coolant gas .{1}


The most commonly used gases:Cooling gas R22 – R410A

Figure 1: Cooling gas R22 – R410A


Adding R410a gas to the gas in the cooler requires more care. The gas, which consists of two R123 and R32 gases, can not be detected by the gas cooler when there is a gas shortage. So, if the inverter coolant leakage is greater than 15%, it’s best to empty the entire gas cooler and recharge it. But if the amount of gas reduction is less than 15%, it is better to do the gas cooler charging with the same combination of R123 and R32.{1}

Usually one of the main reasons why a gas cooler is not cooling is to reduce its gas. When this happens, it is best to first check if there is a gas shortage in the gas cooler (due to leakage (leakage or other reasons) and first solve the problem and then charge the gas cooler gas.

Since there are various methods for gas cooler charging, we intend to introduce you how to charge a gas cooler in winter, which is different in other ways (Relative to other websites) . But it’s best to get some notes and tips before. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that as much as possible, do any such work for a specialist gas cooler, because if the necessary points are not followed during work, in addition to financial losses, you can have a harmful effect on you too.{1}


Measuring the charge cooler

Figure 2: Measuring the charge cooler


WARNING: It is very necessary to pay attention to the point, because if the gas contained in the oil tank is low and you are charging the coolant gas regardless of this, the cooler may not have the required efficiency without causing the oil cooler oil. It will soon become corrupted and, even in the long run, the cooler compressor will come to an end.



1 – Which gas is quality?

If your question is how to distinguish between high quality and poor quality gas, please note the following:

Today, due to the large number of refrigerant manufacturers, the possibility of cheating them in combination with air and other gases injects irreparable damage to ventilation and refrigeration units. Therefore, it should be aware of the combinations and purity of the refrigerant prior to purchase, using the compound identification device and the purity of the refrigerant can be used for a type of refrigerant or several types of refrigerants.{2}

Features of Cold Gas

  • Has a boiling point.
  • Not explosive.
  • Not oxidizing.
  • Not flammable.
  • In case of leakage, it can be easily detected.
  • The site of leakage can be determined.
  • Being able to operate at low pressure.
  • Stable gas.


Where do we know the gas cooler needs Supplementary or full gas charging?

You can press Valve’s service key. If the gas runs out, the system has some gas, but if the gas is outside the system without gas, it should be charged.


Symptoms of coolant gas shortage

  • Lack of adequate chilling in the installed environment
  • Freeze or thaw the evaporator fins in cooler mode
  • Freezing condenser tube (thin tube)


Freezing condenser (outer panel)

Figure 3: Freezing condenser (outer panel)



Reasons to freeze the gas cooler in winter or summer

Maybe you’ve encountered the freezer cooler (internal panel cooler, external panel, coolant condenser, communication tubes). In this part of the paper, we intend to explain to you the reasons for this, as well as how to freeze different parts of the gas cooler in different seasons.{2}

The gas cooler can freeze in two modes :

  • Summer Mode or Cooling
  • Winter mode or heating


1- Summer Mode or Cooling

If your gas cooler does not have enough gas for any reason, such as a gas coolant leak or a gas cooler, or if there is not enough gas, there will be a problem with the cooling cycle, which will cause the refrigerator to cool in the internal panel or gas cooler pipes. Fix this problem by charging the gas cooler.{2}


2- Use of air conditioner in relatively cold air

When the outside air is relatively cold, try to use the gas cooler fan mode because excessive use of the cooling mode will freeze the cycle and pipes.


2- Cooler charging

The operation of charging a gas cooler or split gas charging depends on a variety of factors that should be checked in accordance with the principles of all cases, then split gas charging or charging the gas cooler. To do the gas cooler gas charge, or the split gas charging, you must first specify which gas type of the gas is r22 or r410. Then specify whether you want to charge extra gas or charge full gas.

Note: Check the compressor and the coolant pipe (condenser) before discharging the gas (leak detection) before removing gas from the split or gas cooler, then turning the vacuum cleaner out of the gas cooler Be sure to do .

It’s interesting to know that another factor that affects how the gas is charging is the season for gas charging. In fact, how split gas charging or gas cooler charging is different in the summer season with the winter season. Figure 4 shows the gas cooler charge in the winter.{2}


Gas cooler charging in the winter

Figure 4: Gas cooler charging in the winter


How to charge split gas in winter

Naturally, charging the gas is only possible if the device is working in cold weather, but in winter, because the air temperature is low and cold, it is not possible to set up the machine on the cold, since it is impossible to get the gas cooler When charging in a heating mode, it should be done in a special way to charge the split gas.

To make the splint cool down in winter, you must first artificially heat the room temperature. The purpose of artificially heating up the room is to create conditions where the sensor detects that the environment is warm for this We can put the device’s sensor in hot water or flame or other methods to do this to enable the compressor’s ignition command line to be started up to cool down, then the gas cooler charging operation Then check the gas pressure by turning the appliance back on heating.{2}


Dock Split Gas Charging

Figure 5: Dock Split Gas Charging

Additional gas signs {2}

  • The suction tube sucks up the compressor
  • The ampere of the device is more than normal
  • The temperature of the compressor tube is high
  • The system pressure of the system is high
  • The compressor does not start up when it is switched on
  • The compressor’s operating sound is more than normal

Generally, gas coolers require three types of gas charging:

  • New cooler
  • The system is completely gas free
  • The system needs additional gas

The first mode : New cooler

When you buy a gas cooler from a prestigious company and usually as large as 5 meters of the gas pipe inside the condenser system, you need to completely shut off the system after the installation of the gas cooler, and when it comes to vacuuming The system and the absence of air and moisture are safe. You can open the valve and transfer the gas to your entire sink. However, it should be noted that the amount of gas in the system is sufficient for only 5 meters of the pipe and in the case of additional plumbing You should add the amount of gas that is usually added per system meter 20 additional meter Gas heating needs intended.


If your installed gas cooler only uses the same 5 meters of the first pipe, there is no need to charge extra gas in the system, but if your system uses more than 5 meters of pipe for installation in the initial installation, you can do this by charging the gas in 3 ways.

The most basic and recommended method for this work is the weight flux because you are surely aware of the amount of gas in the system, and you know that if you add 2 meters of pipe in the installation, you should add 40 grams of gas to the system, which is the most principled and most reliable method To do this.

Charging by Scales

This method, after the first method, is the most suitable method for gas cooler charging. Ampere charging is the amperage of the device to the amount of gas required in the system.

The gas charge by the emperor is the third method of charging gas through the Manhattan configurator, which is not a reliable method because it has a high error rate due to ambient temperature and many other parameters.



Charging by Scales

Figure 6: Charging by Scales


The Second mode:  system is completely gas free

When you come across a cooler that is completely free of gas


How do you find out? You can press valve’s service if the gas rush out means the system has some gas but if the gas is outside the system without gas and should be charged


You must vacuum the system before performing any kind of gas recharge, and make sure that there is no moisture and air inside the system. Be sure to look for a leak and seek leakage in the system. If you do not do this, in addition to Spend time and money in the next few days. Number one angry customer. You will see that you do not pay money again to do the work. You will not think of a decent repairer. He will work with you. In addition, you will not receive recharging in addition to recharging the gas. Well, now if you know the length of the cooler plumbing, you can Find out the cooler date plate to the amount of gas needed for the 5 meter pipe fitted on the cooler and, if the pipe is 5 meters long, charge the same amount on the plate with the balance, and if the length of the pipe is higher, for every 1 meter, 20 grams of gas charge Please


But if you do not know the exact length of the plumbing to install the cooler, you can do it in two different ways, namely charging a gas with an amprometer and charging a gas with a Manhattan gauge.

Third mode: The system needs additional gas

When repairing the cooler you can see that the cooler has a gas shortage:

  • By installing a confusing service, check that the gas pressure in the gas cooler is typically 60 psi when the compressor is operating.
  • Lack of adequate cooling in the installed environment.
  • Freezing with a thumbs down of his operator in the cooler.
  • Freezing condenser tube (thin tube).

When using the above methods to detect a lack of gas in the system, you can do a number of different ways of charging the gas to which we refer. In this case, because you do not know the amount of gas inside the system, you do not know how much gas is left of the empty system. You can not, of course, use gas balance to completely charge the gas unless completely discharging the gas system and recharging it completely. Due to the harmful nature of the gas for the environment and the lack of cost in terms of cost, this work is not recommended in any form. So you can continue to use the two remaining coolant charging methods

The second method is to charge the gas with an ampere meter, which is the most appropriate method for accurately checking the method in this mode

Charging the gas with gauge and Manhattan. This is the last recommended method because it varies from air temperature .


3 – important points

  • Prior to any charge, a leak should be detected and, after removing it, be sure to vacuum the system and make sure that it is free of any moisture or air.
  • If you were in a situation where due to lack of necessary tools you could not use the above methods to charge the gas, you can use the gas pipe temperature method .






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