How to make a canopy for (AC) air conditioner?

How to make a canopy for (AC) air conditioner?

Introduction to the Subject

Given the severe water crisis and the rising costs of water and power consumption, one of the most important solutions that are advised by experts in public television and virtual social media these days is the use or construction of a canopy for air conditioner.

The high temperature rise on these hot summer days in Houston has led to multiple use of air conditioning systems in homes and workplaces. Given the severe water crisis and rising water and energy consumption of households, companies and offices, there is a need for a serious solution to save costs and water consumption in the current community.

One of the most important and fundamental solutions that these days has been advised by experts in public television and virtual social media is the use of a canopy for the air conditioner system.

Why Should I use a canopy for my air conditioner?

When the media announces that we can save up water to 1,000 liters per month in the, and the cost of the bill decreases by use a canopy for air conditioner, we are tempted to do this.

The use of a canopy for air conditioner has several advantages that are mentioned below in a few important things:

  • Reduce water consumption by up to 35%
  • Reduce power consumption by up to 50%
  • Reduce family or company spending
  • Protects the body AC from natural factors
  • More ambient coolness
  • Return the costs canopy (with decreasing amounts of utility bills)

How to make air conditioner canopy?

How to make air conditioner canopy?

One of the ways to provide to make a canopy for air conditioner is manually and with materials such as foam, tarpaulin, box file, mattress, iron plate, arduvaz and etc.

We see different ways, By a simple search on the Internet. But first and foremost, it’s best to get to know the key points in making a canopy for AC.

Important Tips to making a canopy for Air Conditioner:

  • The dimensions of the canopy and the complete coverage of the device in the sun
  • The use of high quality materials and heat insulation in the coatings and foundations
  • Observe the precise engineering principles when making canopy for air conditioner
  • High resistance to decay and natural factors such as snow, rain and extreme wind
  • The appropriate cost when making

Sometimes people, according to non-principled training provided by sites and close relatives, make manual and non-standard air conditioner canopy that in many cases suffer from problems such as serious damage to the device (due to poor circulation of air), efficiency Low, high build costs, non-resistance to natural factors and very low shelf life.


The second method, and the best method, is to use the standard and present canopy.

These canopies are designed and manufactured by trusted companies in accordance with the principles of engineering. This method does not have like problems in the previous method.

Therefore, it should be noted that all the canopies in the market are not necessarily standard and not sufficiently adequate and their use is not recommended.


Underneath this shadow is the perfect place for your AC

Underneath this shadow is the perfect place for your AC


You can view the features of a standard air conditioner canopy below and compare and buy canopies on the market.


What are the features of a standard air conditioner canopy?

A standard air conditioner canopy has many features. In the following section they are referred to:

  • High durability using first grade materials
  • The proper cover distance from the AC
  • Heat Insulation and Base Resistance
  • Design and manufacture of AC canopy engineered
  • Full coverage of the device with standard dimensions of the canopy
  • Protects the body and AC from natural factors
  • Having a valid warranty
  • Ability to move and transfer
  • After-sales service (including transportation and installation …)
  • At least 8 hours of full shadow at peak heat
air conditioner canopy :How to make it
air conditioner canopy :How to make it

How to make it

I got ready for do …

I obtained four Heater pipe – A piece of canvas






My idea was this…

A multiplier foundation of pipe – that harness canvas the spacer from the AC ceiling.

Pipes create a gap of ten centimeters between the canvas and the Ac

The air passes …

Canvas if heated under sunlight …

Even if the air between the diamond and the ceiling is high …

The air flows in the middle of it …

And prevents warming too much air temperature for the AC …

Then a few holes on the cooler roof with a drill …

And on the pipes …

With accurate measurement …

And installation of pipes with bolts …

Bolts that are commonly used to connect metal shelves to libraries …

I pierced the middle of the canvas

To move the air …

When the air under the canvas gets hot due to the heating of the canvas

With the same kind of bolt and the help of wide washers

I pined the canvas .

Finally, I created a dagger

Around the canvas

With scissors

It also beautifully

It also made it easier to access AC panels.

Did not take long much time

To determine the effect of this method

In sun Houston

I instantly felt a cooler multiplier AC

The house was astonishingly cool

Cool than what was expected from the AC

Usually in the cellar any house of insoluble heater pipes is found. There are plenty of canvas used in urban advertising too.

Try to do it yourself. Because the purchase from the market costs a lot.

All the spend money did not reach to $ 25

In End …

There is a reason to cover your air conditioner after the summer, and it’s not just for the winter. As we said before, your unit is built to withstand the rain and snow, but it is not built to keep out leaves, seeds, or nuts. Therefore, you will want to cover your system during the fall only.

If you like your air conditioner, do it

You will notice


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