Repair air conditioner fan

Repair air conditioner fan

Today, air conditioner is one of the most used appliances, which is even more efficient at work. Now, with the introduction of the heating season, air conditioners have found a special place in closed environments. What can be forgotten about this but crucial, is to ensure its health is safe for the efficient use of air conditioner.

One of the problems that threatens the performance of the air conditioner is its fan. Air conditioning fan is one of the important parts to be considered. The two main parts of this piece are completed: fan engine and fan key multi-state key. If one of these two parts or parts thereof is damaged or damaged, it will repair the air conditioner fan.


Getting to know with the basic parts of the air conditioner fan

  • Part I: The fan engine is a piece of equipment that is supposed to provide the air needed to blow into the evaporator.
  • Part II: A multi-mode key a fan that manages fan speeds.


Parts that cause repair the air conditioner fan

Parts that cause repair the air conditioner fan-The Blower Motor

The Blower Motor

Disruptions in the fan blower cause damage to the fan and also fails. In this case, either the blower is to be replaced or it will be damaged to a certain extent by the repair of the air conditioner fan.

Air conditioner Fan capacitor

Air conditioner Fan capacitor

This piece is connected to the compressor by means of wires and the starter the fan operation. As a result of burning the capacitor, the air conditioner fan is the first step in air conditioner problems.


Air conditioner Temperature control sensor

Air conditioner Temperature control sensor

This sensor is a piece of electrical equipment that can damage the fan engine as well. If the engine and fan do not work simultaneously, a temperature control sensor impairs the condition and repairs the air conditioner fan.


Internal and external fan motors shaft

The disassembly of these parts causes repair of the air conditioner fan. The engine fan axis has two blades on its sides, which, on the other hand, pours air into the coil and, on the other hand, exhaust the hot air. These axes may be to loosen or burn over time. In this case, it will cause a fan failure and the fan engine should be replaced.

Air conditioner Thermostat

Air conditioner Thermostat

A piece that controls the temperature of the air. When the air temperature is higher than normal, the thermostat switch provides fan and compressor power. Thus, the disruption of the thermostat prevents fan function and causes fan failure.


Air conditioner fan problems

  • The cold wind does not come out of the air conditioner in this case, despite the milk fever on the evaporator, the multifunction key is faulty and in the event of a key failure, the fan engine also does not work.
  • The cold wind does not come out of the air conditioner in this case, despite the milk fever on the evaporator. Proceed to repair the air conditioner fan, because the fan engine is burnt.
  • The engine fan is turned on but the compressor does not turn on; the thermostat, the compressor or the starter capacitor is damaged and, if not repaired or replaced, will repair the air conditioner fan.
  • The fan key is activated on all modes, but the fan does not turn on. Before attempting to repair the air conditioner fan, it must be noted that the fan phase or main fan may have been cut off. Or there may be faulty key or faulty capacitor. In this case, it must be resolved to make it clear if the fan himself has a problem and needs to be repaired.
  • The compressors and fans are activated, but the cooling air conditioner is low: in this case there is a problem or the engine is half-burned, or the outlet filter is dirty or the thermostat is not set. If this does not work, it can burn the fan and Proceed to repair the air conditioner fan.


Reasons to air conditioner fan is not working

Reasons to air conditioner fan is not working

Top 4 reason for  the air conditioner fan failure

The fan is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner and plays a key role in the performance of this machine. That’s why the failure to do so could provide the basis for serious problems on this device and subsequently provide users with anxiety. When this piece fails, the air conditioner loses its ability to pump air cool the environment. An air conditioner with these conditions cant first provide user expectations and should be repaired as soon as possible and in a specialized manner. Awareness Dear users, the reasons for not working this unit, will help you identify the problem and take time to repair your air conditioner. Stay tuned for the reasons why the air conditioning fan does not work.

  1. Shaft failure and air conditioner fan failure

One of the reasons why an air conditioner fan is not working is that the outer or inner shafts of this unit are not working. The axial shaft is in the fan engine, which drains the air into the AC and causes the hot air to flow out of this unit. These axles have bearings that may loosen up or burn. This will cause the engine fan to be troubled, and then the AC fan will cease to work.



  1. Bearing failure and air conditioner fan failure

The second reason why the air conditioner fan is not working is the failure of the engine bearing on this part. In this condition, the engine is damaged so much that it can only be recharged to replace the fan function.

  1. Failure of the relay and failure to operate the air conditioner fan

A relay is a piece of air conditioner that supplies the voltage required for the fan. The failure of this piece will lead to problems such as the failure of the fan. Our technicians on this site, after careful checking of this piece, will repair or replace it.

  1. Other reasons

In addition to the foregoing, there are other reasons for the failure of air conditioner fan operation. Some issues like the failure of the temperature sensor, thermostat failure, the burning of the capacitor, the burning or wearing out of the engine, etc., should also be added to the list of reasons and factors that prevented the air conditioning fan from operating. The point to be noted is that these pieces work in conjunction with each other. For this reason, the problem with each of them and the late action to repair it may cause problems in other parts of the air conditioner. Therefore, we recommend that you visit a repair shop in Houston  as soon as possible if you notice any malfunctions in your air conditioner fan, and receive the necessary service to resolve the problem with your air conditioner fan’s failure.


Repair the air conditioner fan

To repair the air conditioner, this piece and its components must be carefully examined. To fix the problem of not working the fan, you should first repair the faulty components of this piece. In the absence of repair, it is necessary to replace the defective component with a new and original specimen. Sometimes due to the severity of the damage, the fan engine is completely out of place. Fortunately there is the possibility of replacing the engine, and technicians can easily replace this piece.


There are expert technicians in Houston who have specialized in repairing and replacing fan splits, and replacing worn parts with standard and original samples to ensure the performance of the device in the future. In this way, the problem of the failure of the air conditioner fan has been fixed and users can see the performance of this device like the first day.

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