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Ad Registration Terms at (( 24ac repair))


In order to improve user experience, the following conditions are set for ad registration in “24ac repair “. Adhering to these, in addition to increasing user satisfaction, leads to the effectiveness of more advertisements.

  • The published adverts remain on the “24ac repair ” for a month, and if they are not renewed, the ad expired and removed from the “24ac repair “.
  • If the ad is deleted, after 24 hours of removal, a similar ad may be registered.
  • Each user is allowed to register a maximum of three ads per day.
  • After registering and publishing ads, it is not possible to edit contact information such as email and contact numbers.
  • The registered adverts are posted via the website, accessible on the “24ac repair ” website and also through search engines (such as Google).


Ad Registration Rules

Keep in mind, in order to facilitate and expedite the process of publishing ads, the “24ac repair ” may, in some cases, change the text or title of your ad in some cases in accordance with the rules. The ”24ac repair” is also allowed to delete any message, advertisement or photo that you submit to this site, or any other account and other information that you or you create, at any time, in any manner that is necessary.

If the competent authority has ordered the removal of the ad, 24ac repair will immediately remove the ad. Also, if users report abuse over an ad that is more than 5, 24ac repair may, at its sole discretion, attempt to remove the ad. In the two recent assumptions, “24ac repair” has no responsibility to the user for deletion of the ad.


Items that remove your ad

  • Contrary to the current laws of the United States
  • Infringing the privacy of individuals
  • Use phrases or words such as: buyer, sale, special, rand, cheap, cheap, new, under price, exceptional, and similar
  • Insert Price in Ad Title
  • Any insult to the official religions of the country, customs, traditions, ethnicities, dialects and dialects
  • The use of a tool for the person’s images in the advertisement, the insertion of a photograph of a person’s face or the use of a child’s photo for the presentation of goods and services not intended for children
  • Use letters and languages of other countries
  • Any kind of political, social or religious advertising that does not have a commercial aspect.
  • Programs and methods for filtering, VPN and services or goods related to antenna installation, satellite launch or satellite internet

Infiltration tools, sabotage, breaking lock, hack and crack

Sales of software programs or books without a license for publication and other violations of the “Law on the Protection of Copyright, Writers, and Artists”

  • Any rental or sale of movies or music,
  • Pyramid networks and similar illegal and unlawful activities.
  • Any kind of quiz, lottery and lottery (with prize or no prize)
  • Adult Student and Student Projects
  • Any commodity that causes violence and harm to others, such as: hot and cold weapons, firearms and the like
  • Drug related goods and services, smoking or drug addiction
  • Selling a metal detector, treasure hunter, unauthorized drilling or related equipment and supplies
  • Related services for dating, dating, family counseling
  • Classifieds of confidentiality, confession and marriage
  • Any services related to Green Card or country travel and travel and visas to countries where there is a legal ban to enter
  • Buy And Sell organs, such as: kidney
  • Requesting Cash Assistance or Prepayment for Transactions
  • Insert account number in ad text
  • Services and goods that can be found in the scam
  • The introduction of a site, product or service that in any way intends to compete with “24ac repair”
  • Buying and Selling Animals, Birds & Reptiles, Wild & Carnivorous,
  • Install mobile and windows apps
  • Repeated insertion of identical ads even with different titles in one day,
  • Resubmit an ad that has not been older than 24 hours since it was deleted by the user.
  • Online non-business appointments
  • There are false sentences in the text (Spelling or Writing)



Warning !

Any abuse of the mobile number or the email address of others is prosecuted and the advertiser is responsible for it and “24ac repair” has no responsibility in this regard.