Remote control of air conditioner- user manual and Repair

“NOTE : This article includes all remote controls. Because all of them are the same in terms of function and keyboard.”



The remote control of the air conditioner is a device that you can use to control the various components of the device remotely. Note that these remote devices have different types but generally have the same functionality. Usually many people who use air conditioner ask questions about how to use this remote. Therefore, in this article, we intend to explore and teach how to use the air conditioner remote control.(1)

The latest and most up-to-date gas cooler models have added amazing and funny features to the remote control.

Like cooler control with a mobile phone. By installing a simple software on your mobile, you can control your air conditioner even from your workplace (thousands of farther meter).


Remote control air conditioner

Figure 1: Remote control air conditioner


Introducing Keyboard

1- Button on / off

One of the easiest parts of the control is that it allows you to turn the cooler on and off by pressing it.

2- Mode button

Which is also referred to as the operating mode button of the device. One of the main buttons is on the remote. Because it has four modes, each time the button pressed, the cooler mode changes. The point here is that each time we press the button, a mark or image of that mode appears according to the cooler model or the remote or internal panel display.

  • Fan : When you enable this option, you actually put the cooler in fan mode. To make it clear, you should know that the cooler engine is turned off and the interior fan will be activated. Most people use this mode in the spring.
  • Cool : Cooling mode is activated by pressing the cool button. This is special for the warm season and warm days of the year.
  • Heat : This button, which is available on the remote control with the shape of the sun, tells you that it will put the cooler on the heat generation mode and you can use it for the cold seasons.
  • Auto : This button puts the cooler in automatic position. By setting a specific temperature, you can always set the cooler to the temperature you want and automatically set the temperature automatically to the temperature.

air conditioner - mode and it status

Figure 2: mode and it status



3- Temp button

It is also referred to as the room temperature setting button . Used to reduce or increase the room temperature. This situation provides a way for people to maintain the balance of human body temperature.

4- Fan speed select button (fan speed)

Each time you press this button, you can set the fan speed between four low, medium, high and random modes.

5- Jet Cool or Turbo button

To turn on or off your cooler, the jet Cool mode can be applied. Turbo is also a mode in which most models are busy with their power.

6- Swing button

Before describing your service in conjunction with the Swing button, you need to know that there is a blade in it that is used to determine the sport of breath, which is also referred to as a damper. The swing button can be used to turn on and off the damper movements. You should pay attention to how this mode works in different models, so that in some coolers, the damper is only capable of a move, and more is done manually.

7- Button on / off timer clock (on/off timer)

The timer, as its name suggests, switches the power on and off with this button.

8- Timer adjustment button (Time setting)

By pressing this button, you can select the time to turn on and off the device.

9- Tune / stop the timer clock (Timer set/cancel)

This button allows you to set the stopwatch in stop mode.

10- Auto Shutdown button (Sleep Mode Auto)

This feature provides you with the ability to turn off the device automatically.

11- Air flow button

When you press this button, the air stream transmits fresh air to the home without interrupting the cold and warm environment.

12- Room temperature control button

All that this button does is control the temperature of the room.

13- Plasma filter button

With this button, the plasma filter can be turned on and off.

Some gas coolers have air purifiers. These filters have different types and are embedded in the gas cooler to prevent the release of pollutants in the air. It filters the room air completely by removing allergenic agents, bacteria, viruses, fungi, unpleasant odors and dust.

Since these filters have stomata and are degraded by air purification over time, these filters should be checked at regular intervals and replaced if necessary.


An example of an air purifier filter

                                                                       Figure: An example of an air purifier filter


The on / off button on the plasma filter allows you to turn this on and off. For example, if you use an air purifier in your home room, it may not be necessary to use this option and turn it off with this button.

  Keep in mind that every gas cooler has its own filter. So, at the time of the switch, the type should be purchased in proportion to the gas cooler.



14- Control button for horizontal direction

When you press this button, you have conditions that allow the weather to go up horizontally.

15- Reset button

Before you set the time remote control, or after you have replaced the battery, you must press this button.


Remote control The buttons on the keyboard

Figure 3: The buttons on the keyboard


Common Remote Control Problems

One of the main problems that people are involved with is that they squeeze the remote buttons to find out that there’s no change, and they’ll immediately get the idea that their remote is in trouble. But you need to know that in most cases, the remote is in perfect health and this is a problem that you are involved in and you must think about solving the problem.

How to test the remote control

There are many ways to test the air conditioner remote control. But we only teach you two methods (easy and common methods).

The first method

A : If the remote control device works only at a very near distance, it may be due to a weak battery. (Naturally, it should be within 7 meters of the cooler)

The appropriate distance for remote control testing

Figure 4: The appropriate distance for remote control testing


In this case, replace the batteries when replacing them with two healthy batteries, and avoid using the new and old batteries at the same time.

B : Batteries will leak when battery pack is inappropriate or wet. If the batteries are leaking, replace them and use a new battery.



An example of a failed battery

Figure 5: An example of a failed battery


Note: When do not use remote control for a long time, remove the batteries and keep them separate.

The second method

A : First, if there is a radio near you, if you have to take control of the radio and press the buttons, the radio must be have Noise, which means that the control is healthy and if it does not happen, it should be in doubt.

B : The other interesting way is that light is due to the frequency of it being invisible to humans, considering that it controls the infrared transmitter, but this invisible light can easily be seen in low-frequency digital cameras.

Get started right now Take your camera or video mode to activate your mobile phone to be ready to shoot. Then tap the TV control over your phone’s camera and press one of the buttons. Do not be surprised, the control overflow is not clear, but the distance between you is the ability to display infrared on and off.

If your control lamp lights up, it indicates that your device is healthy and should start troubleshooting from another part, but if the light is off, or if your device does not have battery or a part of your control has been damaged. You need to buy a new controller from a reliable remote control air conditioner sales center.

air conditioner-An example of a failed battery

Figure 6: See infrared light by mobile phone


So if you are sure of the safety of your control, the wiring of your receiving device is a problem and it’s imperative for a repair technician to visit it.

Of course, it’s not a bad thing to say that before you get in contact with the repairer, be careful not to cover the eyes of your receiver, which prevents the infrared waves from reaching it.

Lock control of the cooler

One of the options that controls the gas coolers in some models is the ability to lock the keys for easy cleaning or unwanted changes to the cooler settings, or if children use the controls.

Usually every brand and manufacturer of their own method will have such a lock if such a lock is installed, but gas coolers are generally equipped with this option.

The general controls do not have a particular shape or character, and even do not support some of these features, but the controls that are featured are either locked or unlocked or locked with this lock feature. To enable the child lock option, these controls allow you to keep the specified button for 3 to 5 seconds until the lock is locked. Now, to unlock the child, you need to keep the same button for 3 to 5 seconds until the child lock on the gas cooler is disabled.

Keep in mind that none of the control options will be active when the control is locked and the control must be removed from the lock if you need to use control even for low and high temperatures.

Some gas coolers also feature two combinations of buttons. It’s usually explained in the booklets of these coolers that the two buttons will combine to activate the child lock on the gas cooler. But in general, these types of controls are also unlocked with the lock icon on the button and with the button that the lock is open on it, or with the menu button, the Inter and a button other lock is activated.(1)



How to lock the GREE gas cooler control

The GREE gas cooler that is sure to take control of the child lock and because of the uncertainty of the general lock option for the brand customers are looking for this option.

In these controls, there are two arrow buttons up and down, or two + and – to increase the temperature. By pressing these two buttons simultaneously and for 3 seconds, the child lock is activated and again to disable it, you can press these two buttons together to disable the child lock.

When the child lock is on, a lock icon appears on the control panel, and if you press any of the buttons, the three red lights will be extended continuously and will not change the cooler, indicating that the lock is locked. You should also enable or disable the wall-mounted or cooler samples by pushing the Inter-lock control button on the child lock.

 Locking the GREE Cooling Control

Figure 7: Locking the GREE Cooling Control


A few practical training


  • A guide to working with a variety of controls for heating

To use any of these modes, simply activate or heating mode by pressing the Operation Mode Selection or (Mode) button.

  • Converts the control rating system from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Turn off the control, then press the negative button and the menu together.


In the end, it’s necessary to explain that the latest (most recent) controller of the air conditioner is capable of controlling various air conditioner programs, and you can control some of these types of controls by controlling your gas cooler.

Even these controls in some of the mobile software are also seen by the company itself or some software engineers. There is no difference in embedding these buttons; you can customize your custom programs to a gas cooler with the original version or versatile versions, and even with the smart software version.




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