If the air filter is clogged, air cannot flow properly through the air conditioner. This greatly reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. In addition, if the air filter is clogged, the evaporator coils will frost over. To remove debris from the air filter, try cleaning the filter. If it is not possible to clean the air filter, replace it.

The relay board provides voltage to many components of the air conditioner, including the fan motor. If the relay board isn’t working properly, the fan might not run. Relay boards are often misdiagnosed; before replacing the board, make sure you check more commonly defective parts—particularly the fan motor capacitor and the fan motor itself. If you are certain that all of the other components are working properly, replace the relay board.

The condenser coils dissipate the heat as the refrigerant passes through the coils. If the condenser coils are dirty, they won’t be able to dissipate the heat as effectively. As debris builds up on the coils, the air conditioner will become less efficient, causing the air conditioner to work harder to cool down. If the coils are significantly dirty, the air conditioner will not be able to maintain the proper temperature, and the compressor will run continuously in an attempt to cool the room. Check the condenser coils to determine if they are dirty. If the condenser coils are dirty, clean them.


Frequently Asked Questions-Samsung air conditioner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my Samsung AC not cooling?

A compressor is the heart of an air conditioning unit which is responsible forcooling your room. If the air conditioner does not coolthe compressor might be defective. The compressor is a motor which compresses the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils.


  • Is air conditioning service necessary?

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases .


  • Why is my AC light blinking?

A low charge can also cause this blinking problem. -Most manual that comes with your unit will say that a blinking light is an indication that your unit has to be serviced. This is a smart suggestion because tinkering with the wiring and components inside your air conditioner may further cause damage to the unit.


  • How do you clean the outside unit of a split air conditioner?

Follow these steps:


  1. a) Find the electrical disconnect (a metal box) near your outside unit.
  2. b) Open the electrical disconnect and find the switch that turns off the air conditioner.
  3. c) Use the water hose spray to clean off loose debris (grass, leaves, etc) on the outside unit.
  4. d) Spray the outside unit with the coil cleaner.


Freque-What to do if AC is not cooling-Samsung-air-conditioner.jpg

  • What to do if AC is not cooling?

Low refrigerant charge/refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs the heat from your air. When you don’t have enough, your AC can‘t absorb enough heat to cool the air. … Ice buildup on the refrigerant line and the outside unit .


  • Why is the ac not blowing cold air?

Air Conditioner Not Is Blowing Cold Air Because of the Refrigerant Pressure. Evaporator coils and refrigerant issues also result in problematic air conditioning. Refrigerant plays a key role in air conditioning .Because refrigerant is in a closed system, it never “runs out,” but it can leak.


  • Why is AC not cooling enough?

Improve air flow. In addition to the air filter, your AC may have other types of air flow problems. If the evaporator coil is dirty, not enough air moves across it and your home doesn’t cool off as well as it should. If the condenser coil is dirty, it won’t dump enough heat to the outside .


  • How do I reset my Samsung air conditioner?

Follow these 5 steps to restart your AC safely and get your comfort back.

Step 1: Turn off your AC at the thermostat. Go to your thermostat and set it to “off.”

Step 2: Find the circuit breaker box.

Step 3: Reset the AC’s circuit breaker.

Step 4: Wait 30 minutes.

Step 5: Turn the thermostat back to “cool” and celebrate.


  • Is it necessary to service AC every year?

AC professionals often say that even if you do not suspect that your air conditioningunit has problems, you need to have it serviced and inspected at least once every year. As this will ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency, no loss.


How much does HVAC service cost?

  • How much does HVAC service cost?

Some repairs, such as fixing a refrigerant leak, will cost anywhere between $200 and$1,500. Smaller problems like fuses and circuit breakers will run between $50 and$200. Depending on the HVAC model you have, a new thermostat can cost between$80 and $300.


  • Does AC require water?

It depends on the air conditioning system. … It is possible to build a simple air conditioner that uses water as a coolant but commercial air conditioners don’t. However, they cool the air and this lowers the dew point. Thus, water vapour condenses out of the air and this is why window air conditioning units drip water.


  • How do I turn off my air conditioner timer?

Turn the air conditioner on.

  1. a) The modes are Auto, Cool, Dry and Heat. …
  2. b) Set the temperature by pressing the TEMP + and – buttons.
  3. c) Now the air conditioner is ready to have the timer set.
  4. d) To set the air conditioner to switch on at a certain time, say 7:30 in the morning, press the timer on button.


  • Why does my Samsung air conditioner keep turning off?

An AC unit’s evaporator coil resides in the indoor air handler and is responsible for cooling the warm air drawn from the interior of your home. But if you have a clogged air filter or some other airflow issue, then frost can build up on your evaporator coils. This can cause your system to shut off frequently.





  • How do I put the AC in sleep mode?

In sleep mode, the air conditioner will then increase the temperature by half a degree every hour for four hours, sending an originally 24°C room to 26°C. Depending on your model of air conditioner, the unit will then turn off or stay quietly functioning at 26°C.


  • Should I cover my air conditioner?

Outdoor cooling units are built to endure these harsh winter weather conditions, which eliminates the need for a cover. Moisture (water) can freeze the air conditioner’s condenser coils, which can cause damage over time. However, there is no way to keep moisture out 100% of the time.


  • Why did my air conditioner stop working?

When your air conditioner suddenly stops working, it can be cause for alarm or it can be something as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. It is important to note that many common problems with air conditioners can be caused by inadequate maintenance.


  • What could be wrong with my Samsung AC?

Poor air conditioner airflow, dirty air filters and coils, and a lack of refrigerant are all common causes of frozen evaporator coils. Low refrigerant charge can cause a loss of cooling capacity and make your system more expensive to run. It can also cause your compressor motor to overheat.





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Service center Samsung air conditioner near me (Samsung air conditioner repair near me) in Houston


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