Side effects of the air conditioner on the human body – Top 7 health problems associated with air conditioner

Side effects of the air conditioner on the human body - Top 7 health problems associated with air conditioner

In Houston’s hot days, sitting under the air conditioner is enjoyable, but this pleasure disappears after headaches, tiredness and breathing problems. The air conditioner wind has Side effects, besides cooling the environment, that you need to be smart because your health is in danger.

Although the air conditioner can be good in the summer, but if you’re not careful, it can have harmful effects on health. In this section of the website, we look at the harmful effects of air conditioning on health ; Complications such as common sore throat and colds.

Using excessive air conditioning can affect on health. This is mainly due to the fact that your health is not suitable for staying in a dry environment.



Complications of the air conditioners that is lovely for you
Complications of the air conditioners that is lovely for you


Top 7 Harmful Effects of Air Conditioning on Health

1) Respiratory problems

It’s important to know that any serious change in temperature affects the respiratory system. Therefore, moving from warm to cold temperatures can cause serious problems. Due to air circulation, you are more exposed to respiratory infections that cause problems such as throat infection or throat inflammation.

In fact, there is evidence that people who spend more time air conditioner environments have a higher risk of developing throat and nose infection. Therefore, they have a greater chance of developing nasal membrane swelling.


The using Overuse of air conditioner can cause inflammation and swelling of the throat
The using Overuse of air conditioner can cause inflammation and swelling of the throat


2) Viral infections

One of the most common effects of air conditioning, the spread of viral infection due to poor immune system. In an environment where air conditioning is available, the old air is constantly flowing, and it prevents fresh air from entering the inside.

As a result, airflow and the spread of cold and influenza germs as well as other bacteria are transmitted from person to person. Therefore, there is a higher risk for viral infection in such an environment than in a room without air conditioner.


Air conditioner effects on environment viruses


3) Aridity

People who spend hours in rooms that having air conditioner rooms are obviously more to be aridity the body. Because air conditioning absorbs a lot of moisture, and people often do not eat enough water, the body water gets low.

It is possible that the air temperature is colder, because the body does not feel warm, so it does not thirst. In addition, being in a cooler environment means that the body needs less movement.

4) Headaches

Undoubtedly, headaches are one of the most common side effects to the air conditioner. Of course, if you use a air conditioner, you can easily get headaches or even migraines ; Obviously, the risk of water loss also increases the likelihood of a headache .

Aridity, although the other stimulus is a health problem, is often overlooked.


Aridity and headache of air conditioner effects


5) Aridity the eyes

Air conditioner can cause aridity the eyes, which in turn causes pain and itching. Of course, the air conditioner does not directly cause aridity the eyes, but it certainly does not help people who have this problem. Only makes the situation worse.

So if you suffer from aridity eyes, it’s best to go out from the areas having air conditioner.

6) Reduce heat tolerance

If you spend a lot of time in a room that having air conditioner, you has less heat tolerance.

This is especially true during the summer. Keep in mind that when you get from hot to a cold spot, your body can be stressed. This sudden change in temperature can have a harmful effects on health.

7) Nose bleeding

Using the air conditioner can cause nose bleeding due to air dryness and reduce humidity in the environment.

Nose bleeding are a self-symptom that can be due to the drying up and hardening of the mucosal components and, consequently, of cracking. Although these bleeding is usually severe, in most cases the problem is not serious.

An otolaryngologist in a conversation said: In the summer, due to an increase in the temperature of the capillaries in the nasal passage, it has become inflamed and is left with the slightest blow to the surface that causes bleeding.

Nose bleeding


He said that the inner level of the nose contains hundreds of blood capillaries, which are very subtle and sensitive to these intracranial capillaries, and various factors cause tears and ultimately bleeding. In the summer, due to an increase in the air temperature of the capillaries, some people Sensitized and ultimately lead to self-bleeding.

The ear, nose and throat specialist emphasized: Due to the dry weather, the mucosa of the nasal mucosa disappears in the summer, causing bleeding in people.

He continued: In the summer, due to the use of air conditioner, nasal hemorrhage occurs and causes the growth of different fungi in the AC and its transfer into the nasal mucosa, which also causes nasal congestion.

Using air conditioner can cause nasal hemorrhage due to air dryness and reduced humidity in the environment.

He reminded that in order to prevent nasal hemorrhage the nose, he should be exposed to sunlight in the heat of the season, if he is forced to go out in hot weather, he should protect his head from the hood and canopy. The person should not be exposed to AC for a long time to cool themselves.


So we can say, 30 minutes after cooling by expelled air conditioner under, what’s happening is beginning to shiver, bone pain, throat and headache, which may continue for several hours.

Also, Air conditioners are not suitable for those who have asthma and allergies, because dust enters through the filter system for those suffering from allergies.


In End , Sudden changes in temperature and humidity affect the respiratory system. The air circulation can transmit infectious respiratory diseases. Airborne dust and fungi can cause allergic reactions. Air conditioning is associated with chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat irritation and hoarseness.

If your home or office cools enough, turn off your air conditioner. We all love cold wind in the summer. But do not overdo it.




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