AC Is Freezing At Night
Why Does My AC Freeze Up at Night?


AC Is Freezing At Night

The freezing ac can occur due to a problem Parts cooling or blocking filters and Ac coils. With the timely service of the AC, you can prevent it from freezing in the winter and summer. Freezing the ac can appear as milk fever on the copper pipes of the device, or within the AC to form a large ice mold and require users Get the air conditioner repair service. (find the closest ac repair in Houston and call it !)

This makes the AC no longer has the proper efficiency and, with increasing ice and milk fever inside it, the cooling power or the heat of the device also decreases.

In most cases, users realize when there is a problem with the ac that encounters a cool, unobtrusive wind in a hot summer. In this article, we will discuss the initial steps for cooling the gas and the reasons for this.

What do when freezing the AC?

The first thing to do when dealing with this problem is to shut down the ac , because as long as the machine is running and the cool air flows inside the ac , the ice inside it will increase and it will disrupt the operation of the device. Sometimes, when the ice inside the ac is severe and it’s difficult to repair, the thermostat repairers set the device to the heating mode to allow some ice inside the water system. Note that for this, you should first examine the water drainage and water discharging route, because as soon as the ice melts, a lot of water will drain out of the device and must be guided outwards.

The reasons for freezing the AC and the solution to each one

The reasons for freezing the AC and the solution to each one

As a result of low refrigerant gas, the first option that can freeze the AC tubes and the formation of an ice mold inside the device is to reduce the refrigerant or coolant gas. The R22 gas refrigerant used for most air conditioning systems, such as ACs, evaporates through the heat of the environment and causes the cooler air to flow out of the AC. It has a high boiling point and is therefore a good choice for a variety of air conditioning systems. If the amount of refrigerant gas in the AC is low or the air is overheated and the refrigerant gas reaches the boiling point quickly, the gas coolant pipes that the refrigerant gas moves inside will thaw. These refractories may be low at first and users do not pay attention to it, but these minor flushes can slow down the efficiency of the AC and make it difficult for the device to function.

The solution to this problem is to prevent the freezing of the AC, first you should note the type of refrigerant you choose for the AC. The choice of pure refrigerant gases, such as the R22, will make the machine efficient and do not require repair of the AC in the first few months. The amount of gas refrigerant gas should be checked at specific intervals and during service. If the coolant gas in the AC is reduced, a full gas or AC must be charged.


Refrigerant gas R22

Because of cool air imprisonment, if your home AC cannot heat and warm the air as it, you should look for reasons to freeze the AC in the winter. Failure to release sufficient air from the AC can occur due to the blockage of the air vents and the lack of air flow inside it. If the AC is not installed in the right place and for which there is a corner of the room, the warm wind will not be released in the environment and the air cooler will be surrounded by it. This can be one of the reasons for freezing internal parts of the AC. Blocking the AC filters can also cause the cooling of the wind or heat from inside the unit. The cooling of the cool wind and the hot air inside the AC are other reasons for creating ice and thrush inside the machine.


To fix this, check the location where you installed the cooler in the first step. To find out if the cool breeze is released from the inside of the unit, it’s enough to have a AC space when the cooler is on. If you feel the wind and power are low, you should change the position of the device. The second thing you should do at this stage is to check the condition of the air conditioner filters and clean them up. You can fix the problem of freezing by cleaning the AC and installing it in the right place.

The freezing of the AC due to the dirty coils, including the problems affecting the freezing of the AC, can be attributed to the dirty nature of the coils of the machine. The cool air generated by the AC passes through the coils or fins and is released into the environment.

These ice are continuously increased by continuous operation of the AC and make the ice behind the coils bigger and larger. In such a way, after a few months, very little air from the inside of the AC will be released. The solution to this problem is to make the coils less moisture absorb and do not freeze, the AC utilizes a soft toothbrush to remove dirt and contaminants; therefore, for To avoid flushing the coil, you need to have the air conditioner service on time.


The freezing of the AC disrupts the operation of this device for any reason, and users can not use the heating or cooling of this product. One of the things that can freeze this device can be the inadequate installation of AC, lack of gas charge, infectious gas filter, and dirty coil of the machine. Other factors affecting the cooler’s freezing are the problem with the AC compressor and the faulty fan fault that could freeze the AC or freeze the cooler back pipe. To help solve these problems, you should get help from people who have technical knowledge about AC repairs because the slightest mistake in repairs or service of the machine can lead to a permanent AC !

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